Jose Moutinho
"My first experience with Seacliff Planning was truly amazing so great that I went back for a complete different project and once again they delivered in 5 stars. I was looking to get information in regards to a few complicated property's and the knowledge "both locally and in the industry" in which Kristy has matched with her contacts in the industry was truly exceptional. She provided detailed reports keeping me updated through out the entire process and gave me the options that I need to make some serious decisions. The service and the way in which the business carries itself is exceptional, everything felt easy and simple which was important for me. Matched with Kristy personal touch, care and advice made my experience above and beyond what I was expecting. She helped me save time, money and she is someone you can truly trust to not just scratch the surface but to really go deep into what ever you are looking for, as if it where her own interest and that to me is the absolute most important thing. Thanks again Kristy"